Royal Commission is not a Referendum on Religion

The federal governments announcement of a Royal Commission on the sexual abuse of children in institutions across Australia is a very good thing. I have little to contribute on this issue, it was the right decision and the government is to be applauded for it. Both the Coalition and the Greens are to be credited for having done the right thing too and provided the government with tripartisan support for the decision. George Pell  has been a bit of a wally about it but the good Cardinal is a wally about most things, for the most part, from people of faith and atheists alike I have heard a mature and respectful determination to pursue justice and equity with the vigour and zeal.

Sadly a large cluster of folk seem willing to use the public debate as a pretext to give political opponents a good kicking. I can’t stress strongly enough that this is not a referendum on same sex marriage or abortion, this is an issue of the gravest severity which should unite all decent Australians and not be used as an excuse to play out your personal vendetta against Catholics. To equate membership to the Catholic Church with support for pedophilia is a pathetically low argument to mount. To anyone who saw the Royal Commission as an excuse to let slip the dogs of atheistic war, the words “piss off” spring to mind. This is grown ups business.

And now for something completely different

I rarely read Mamma Mia and read Mia Freedman even less but how the hell has it become trendy to launch bile and vitriol at their direction online. Mamma Mia has to be one of the most innocuous publishers in the world. What is wrong with you people?


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